How to specify/configure date formats

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When working with CodeCharge Studio, you may need to display the dates in a different format from the date format being used with the database.
Although the date format is handled semi-automatically when using ASP with MS Access or MS SQL databases, the task of setting up date formats may be more complex when working with other environments, such as PHP and MySQL where different users can utilize different date formats.
Here is what you need to properly specify and utillize the date format:

The Date format for your Database.
You can specify the Global database date format in the server connection string. Look at the screenshots at

You can override this format for individual controls (like the TextBox) by specifying their DBFormat:

The display format for the controls (TextBox, Label, etc.)
You can specify the Global display date format in the project settings. Look at the screenshots at

You can override this format by selecting or specifying the display format in the "Format" property of your controls:

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