Unregistered msxml3.dll

Areas: IDE/GUI 


  1. An error occurs during the generation of common files:
    Error occurred while transforming
  2. The document window or 'Change Theme' dialog displays strange xml code while in design mode
  3. The following warning message is displayed when generating a page:
    Warning: Component "page_name\form_name (Record)" was not found in the HTML during the
    synchronization process.
  4. The following error message is displayed on CCStudio startup:
    Error area: Testing for XML v.3 (10)
    Module Object Model
  5. the following error occurred while generating the page:
    Error: Style sheet compilation error
    Description: Incorrect parameter.
    Please contact support.
    Error: Error occurred while generating the "PageName" page. (1)


The dynamic link library msxml3.dll is not properly registered in your system


CodeCharge Studio code uses functionality provided by MSXML3 so the component has to be properly registered on the machine. In Windows 9x msxml*.dll files are located in the WINDOWS/SYSTEM folder while in Windows 2000, NT and XP msxml*.dll files are located in the WINDOWS/SYSTEM32 folder.
Use the following procedure to register the file:
  1. Unregister all msxml*.dll files by executing the command:
    regsvr32.exe ľu file_name.dll
  2. Register MSXML3.DLL only and start CodeCharge Studio.
    regsvr32.exe msxml3.dll
    If the above procedure does not resolve the problem, then
  3. Unregister and backup all msxml*.dll files to a temporary folder and remove the original files from the system folder.
  4. Reinstall CodeCharge Studio at the end of which the file msxml3.dll should be registered and present in system folder.

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