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ASP.Net(C#, VB.Net) Deployment Guide

Areas: ASP.NET(C#) 

Before publishing an ASP.Net(C#, VB.Net) project, there are certain prerequisites that have to be in place. An ASP.Net(C#, VB.Net) project is compiled as part of the publishing process and this requires the existence of the .Net Framework SDK version 1.0.3705 or later. One of the files included in the .Net Framework SDK is the C# or VB.Net compiler. CodeCharge Studio needs to know the path to this file since it will be used to compile and build a .dll file when the project is published.

The C# compiler is a file called csc.exe while the VB.Net compiler is called vbc.exe. The path to this file depends on the location where the SDK is installed. An example path would be C:\WINNT\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.0.3705. Within CodeCharge Studio, open the Tools --> Options… menu and in the Options window, click on the Paths option. In the field entitled .Net SDK, enter the path to the C# or VB.Net compiler file.

The other prerequisite for ASP.Net(C#, VB.Net) projects is that all projects must be deployed to a Virtual Directory folder. To create a virtual directory in your web server, use the Internet Services manager. Within the Internet Services Manager console, right click on Default Web Site and select the New --> Virtual Directory option. This will open the Virtual Directory Creation Wizard and you can follow the steps to create a virtual directory.
Please note that the Virtual Directory has to point to your Web application usually published to "c:\inetpub\wwwroot\..." folder, not to the CodeCharge Studio project folder.

Once you setup the virtual directory, open the Project Settings window within CodeCharge and under the Publishing tab, specify the virtual directory path in the Server Path field.

You can then proceed to configure the other project settings as you would normally do. When you publish the project, the files will first be generated to a temporary folder where they will be compiled. After compilation, the files, including the compiled .dll will be published to the virtual directory where they can be accessed using a browser window.

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